superformat does not work on m68k machines

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Mon Jul 8 08:53:44 CEST 2002

> It is reported that on an Amiga2000 with a DD floppy drive,
> fdutils 5.4-20020222 and kernel 2.2.20 the following error
> occurs:
>     root at aahz:~>superformat /dev/fd0
>     get drive characteristics: Function not implemented
> It is rumored, that this is a general problem of the Linux
> kernel for the m68k architecture.  Is there any way to work
> around this?  Or is m68k unsupported?

This rumor might be substantiated by a quick look at the Atari and Amiga
floppy drivers. My prediction: the ioctl in question isn't implemented, or
the ioctl data size mismatches. 

Both Amiga and Atari implement FDGETPRM. Atari also implements FDSETPRM
and FDDEFPRM (and those used to work at the time they were written). 


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