[fdutils] Need help with weird floppy issue

Alain Knaff alain at knaff.lu
Wed Mar 8 01:25:32 CET 2006

Donnie Barnes wrote:
> Thanks, Alain...I should have some time tomorrow to poke at this.
> Simon has talked about slowing the drive speed down to try to help with this
> situation.  Is this a viable option?

If you succeeded in slowing down the drive, it would help. The reason 
for this is that the FDC bitrate will still stay constant, and at less 
rotational speed, these bits will "spread" out over less space, i.e. 
there's space for more bits.

However, I'm not an expert on the mechanics of drives, and have no idea, 
how to achieve such a feat in practice. If there was a calibration screw 
somewhere on the drive, that would be great! If not, any other means of 
slowing it down (sticking some paper bits or other items to cause 
friction) would surely fail because:
- they might introduce an uneven, jerky motion
- they might overdo the slowing down (it should be less than one 
percent, or the disks written in such a drive will not be readable 

>  Taking a peek at a drive I certainly
> didn't see any potentiometer anywhere, but if given guidance on where to put
> one I certainly have the skills to give that a try.  That's one funny
> looking motor on those things, though.
> --Donnie

I have not idea either, how to achieve this in practice. I know how to 
*measure* the speed of the drive (cf. my floppymeter utility), but have 
no idea how to *modify* it (apart from trying another drive...).


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