[fdutils] Need help with weird floppy issue

Andreas Micklei andreas.micklei at ivistar.de
Wed Mar 8 12:23:54 CET 2006


hope you can get the format written with a standard PC Floppy
controller.  However if it does not work you might try throwing special
hardware like the Catweasel Floppy Controller at the problem.


Disclaimer: I do not own this controller and I am in no way affiliated
with Indivdual Computers. But I've heard it can reproduce formats a
normal PC Floppy Controller simply can't (like C64 GCR format or Amiga
Floppy Format).

A different idea: The Amiga Floppy DMA is quite flexible, so maybe you
can reproduce the format on an Amiga.

Of course this is totally unrelated to fdutils. But maybe it helps if
all other options fail.

Andreas Micklei
IVISTAR Kommunikationssysteme AG
Ehrenbergstr. 19 / 10245 Berlin
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